Christian Podcasts You Should Know About

Christian Podcasts You Should Know About

Christian Podcasts

Podcasts have been successful in implementing a new trend which seems to be catching the attention of the people. Thanks to its dynamic reach, everyone can find a thing or two that suits their level of interests. In that manner, there have also been religious podcasts that are quite successful in capturing people’s spiritual takes on life. The most popular ones are Christian podcasts that are mainly run by pastors. By speaking the word of god and helping you reflect upon the same, these podcasts are unique in their own way. Hence, to shed more light on the same, here are some Christian Podcasts that you should know about.

1. The Way Home with Dan Darling

Dan Darling steps in to take this podcast and help you provide a companion every time you commute from one place to another. By featuring Christian leaders from the church and community, Dan takes the conversation forward by helping individuals understand the path of culture. With this particular concept, his episode tends to revolve around the same and does so by bringing in various topics.

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2. The Briefing with Albert Mohler

As the name suggests, the Briefing with Albert Mohler helps you go across the Christian world, as the show gives you the latest happenings. By all means, this podcast tends to be a habit because you will have a lot to catch up on. Albert Mohler, as the host, gives you the complete information that ought and need to know.

3. Truth’s Table

Truth’s Table is another podcast that includes three hosts, namely Michelle Higgins, Ekemini Uwan and Christina Edmondson. These individuals bring out their perspectives about different topics and help you visualize them. By keeping the faith alive, their show is highly appreciated for providing a different take on the scenario. Hearing them speak is a unique experience, and you don’t want to miss out on the same.

4. 5 Minutes in Church History

5 Minutes in Church History is a culture oriented show that tends to take you back in time. Host Stephen Nichols captures various events from the past and helps you reflect on the same. Each of his episodes captures an ultimate goal, and your belief will be strengthened.

5. Pass the Mic

Hosted by Jemar Tisby and Tyler Burns, Pass the Mic is a podcast that originated from the reformed African American Network. Their voices and opinions capture the current concerns of the community in a biblical manner. The message of every episode sets the tone straight and helps various individuals recollect and think about values. One of their most popular episodes is, “A Quiet Exodus”. A New Path for Black Christians. It also moved further to be classified as a favourite among all their listeners.

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